Wednesday, May 4, 2011

"Whistle a happy tune..."

Puppets accentuate the positive! Ghostly puppet apparitions floated to the music and voices of the North Grenville choir during a concert guaranteed to lift your "Spirit".  The concert showcased both choral and solo talents throughout an amazing program of thirty plus songs, presented in a range vocal styles. Visual interest was nicely accomplished through smoothly worked transitions, humourous interpretation of songs, staged vingettes, and puppetry. Choir members shared in the puppet fun too, some as puppeteers, others as playfully responsive co-actors. As Sam the Peddler puppet offered sweet deals on sticks, shakers and tambourines for an upcoming song, singers gleefully lifted the items  from secret pockets in his well modified top coat.  Later in the program, puppet Janet simply enchanted listeners during her solo of "Whistle a happy tune". This cheerful rendition was given a helping hand and voice by puppeteer-singer Sharon Wueppelman, a skilled puppet builder, and who also stepped in as coach for the North Grenville choir members during their introduction to puppetry.

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